As a hotel marketing agency, driving more direct bookings has become near-cliché in recent times in the hotel industry.

Naturally, every hotel wants to drive more bookings direct, and every supplier seems to claim they have the “secret sauce” or the “winning formula” to do it.

Here’s the snag though – those OTAs, clever chaps they are, they’ve figured out it’s not about selling the hotel room…

Oh no, it’s about selling convenience – that is, make it super easy for the customer. Two clicks; booked.


You see, we figured this out too a while back, and built a marketing strategy with a real focus on making it easier for the customer to book.

Turns out the nice people at Google liked what we’d managed to achieve for our clients as a hotel marketing agency…

So as a company we went to the Google GLOBAL Awards in New York…

There were 1,100 marketing agencies from 58 countries…

1 Winner.

(if it’s not clear by now) WE WON!!!!!!!!

So, how did we win it?

(and why do we GUARANTEE results?)

Well there’s lots of aspects to it – beating the OTAs is no mean feat. But suffice to say, the principles are fairly simple.

FACT ONE: If you want to double bookings through your website – you can do it by either:

A) Doubling the traffic to your website


B) Doubling your conversion rate

Let’s say you therefore have 5,000 unique users to your website each month and a conversion rate percentage of 1%: so that’s 50 bookings per month.

To double that number of bookings (get an extra 50 bookings) through your own website, you would need to either:

A) Get another 5,000 unique visitors to your website each month


B) Convince just another 50 out of the 4,950 who didn’t book

FACT TWO: Convincing another 50 people out of 4950 visitors to book will be considerably cheaper than acquiring another 5000 visitors.

The big question will inevitably remain: How!?

Well, like most complex problems, there’s seldom a single silver bullet that will get you those extra 50 bookings. Rather, it’s lots of things working together.

What we’re taking about here though is Conversion Rate Optimisation or CRO, and it’s the process of watching people interact with your website, spotting where the “holes” are (i.e. where people are leaving your website) then testing solutions to block those holes so fewer people leave the site, and more people book.

We do that by split-testing home pages so that 50% see one version, 50% see a slightly different version. After 2 weeks, which converted better?

There’s obviously more technical aspects involved in the process here, but this results-driven approach won us Google’s Global Award for growing businesses online.

If you have a hotel and are interested in understanding more about our hotel marketing agency ‘More Direct Bookings Guarantee’ – email me at

Let’s beat those OTAs together.