If you use a marketing company to manage your pay-per-click campaigns, ask them this important question:

“Can you send me the list of negative keywords from my account?”

If they can’t, or give you some babble about not being able to – they are wasting your money.

Negative keywords, in short, are terms you have actively chosen not to bid on, deeming those terms or words irrelevant to your product.

An example: a luxury hotel in Surrey may be looking to target people looking for wedding venues in their local area. They would be bidding on terms such as ‘wedding venue Surrey’ and all manner of suitable equivalents.

Being at the luxury end of the market, however, they would probably seek to not bid on the word ‘cheap’ before any of their desired keywords.

Put simply, they would want their ad to appear when ‘wedding venue Surrey’ is typed into Google, but would not want their ad to appear when ‘cheap wedding venue Surrey’ is typed into Google.

Alas, ‘Cheap’ is a negative keyword.

The oversimplified example above seems obvious, but it’s astounding how many hotels are using Google AdWords to grow their businesses without even knowing about Negative Keywords, thus keeping their wastage at an all-time high.

Back in November 2017, when our team was awarded Google’s Global Award for Growing Businesses Online, our use of negative keyword management was a small but significant reason for that award going to us.

When we set a Google AdWords campaign live for a hotel, that’s when the work really starts. Our job is to analyse which terms are being clicked on that we need to prune out of the campaign to minimise any wasted clicks.

If you’re not doing this, or worse, the company you pay to manage your campaigns aren’t doing this, the campaigns will keep wasting your money and won’t improve a great deal.

At DHM, we offer a free PPC assessment to all hotels so if you think there could be room for improvement from your campaign, email us direct – adam@directhotelmarketing.co.uk – we’ll be happy to look into it for you.