When you google your hotel, you should see a box on the right-hand side of your screen, with a small map, a few images and some basic information including website, phone number and opening hours.

This is called the Google Knowledge Panel. And you should have control of it.

What most hoteliers will see on their Google Knowledge Panel is a collection of old, or unfavourable images.

For many customers, this will be their first impression of your hotel and it is crucial to have that knowledge panel looking its best.

Here’s how you edit your Knowledge Panel:

Scroll down and check to see if you or someone within the hotel has access to the account. If you see, ‘Own this business?’ then the account has no owner, and you’ll want to click on this link and follow the necessary steps.

If you just see the link ‘Suggest an edit’ then someone has claimed this business. No problem if it’s not you, you can still request access to the account and Google will send you a postcard with a unique code on – wait a few days and pop this into your account to verify.

Now when it comes to editing: changing imagery, adding details etc, you can do this at business.google.com after the account has been verified.

One other very important aspect of the Google Knowledge Panel are reviews.

Too often we overlook Google reviews in favour of TripAdvisor and Booking dot com, but as described above – the Google Knowledge Panel is often the first thing customers will see of your hotel, so encouraging customers to leave positive reviews on Google for you is not without significance.

At DHM we often use Review Filter to push 4* and 5* reviews at Google on a regular basis.

Lastly – the description of the hotel. Be sure to edit this to your preference, getting across all the core info. Otherwise, Google does it for you, and that’s certainly not always a good thing!

Want your Google Knowledge Panel tidied up? We’ll do it for FREE! Just email me directly at adam@directhotelmarketing.co.uk

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