Email Marketing

In our experience, most hotel emails are clunky, boring “newsletters” written by people who’ve never stop to read a newsletter from any company, ever.

We’ve found a different approach…

Our Approach…

These days, our inboxes are overwhelmed with emails from work colleagues, sales people and companies – standing out isn’t that easy.
But overtime we’ve come to learn about the psychology involved with getting an email opened, let alone read.
Much of it is common sense really – we’re all more likely to open an email from a company or brand that we know, like, trust and produce relevant content.
That’s why our ‘nurture – nurture – sell’ approach yeilds strong results – we warm up the database, encourage enagagement through baby-step actions before we even think about sending a whopping great big sales email.

Why Use Direct Hotel Marketing for your Emails…


  • We only work with hotels, so all email content or approach suggested by us has been tested and proven to work in hotels similar to yours.
  • Before we create any emails, we insist on one of our Account Managers to visit you and experience your hotel to truly understand you, your product and the type of customers you cater for.
  • Our talented creative team will then create beautiful emails that clearly and effectively represent your business and its functions.
  • We use a clever technique that amplifies the email message on Facebook to every recipient – ensuring maximum deliverability and engagement