Most customers start their hotel search at Google, so advertising there can be beneficial.

HOWEVER – there’s only one metric that matters when it comes to PPC – Cost Per Acquisition. 

Our Approach…

When the Fountain Partnership directors invested into Direct Hotel Marketing, they brought with them their Google award which was a bit like Google saying they were the BEST IN THE WORLD at running Pay-Per-Click advertising. 
In our experience, most agencies set up some ads, drive clicks to a landing page and report the stats to the client. We think that’s bonkers. 
This is when our work starts – we split test those landing pages, watch mouse movements to find ways to improve conversion, remove negative keywords from the campaigns, add new longtail keywords, the list goes on…
When we manage PPC for a hotel, our job is to get the Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) lower than its ever been.

Why Use Direct Hotel Marketing for your Pay-Per-Click…


  • Google acknowledged our team as one of the best in the world in 2016 at running PPC campaigns
  • Our approach is to make your hotel the most amount of money with the least amount of spend.
  • Our team get privelleged access to the Google team and are the first to learn about new insights and methods.