Social Media

Driving engagement on social media often feels like something you ‘should do’ but will it deliver sales?

Absolutely, 100% yes. IF you do it right…

Our Approach…

Social Media is a dreadful medium to sell on. It’s not (for the most part) going to drive you direct business on its own. 
If you think about it – you’re competing with baby pictures and long-lost friends from school who want the world to see how wonderful their wedding was last weekend. 
Trying to engage someone long enough to research and consider your hotel to the point of decidedly making a booking when you have cute pictures of nieces and nephews asleep is near on in impossible. 
BUT… if we take the objective of data collection of prospective customers and letting social media amplify your other forms of marketing it can be very effective indeed.

Why Use Direct Hotel Marketing for Social Media…


  • We’ve helped the Cranleigh Boutique push beyond the 200,000 Facebook Likes mark using a unique strategy.
  • Included in our social media packages is a video shoot to bring your hotel to life.
  • We get that every hotel is different, with different customers with different needs. Our approach is about using proven techniques, then tweaking them to ensure they are relevant for your customers.