Website & Conversion

Step One: Build a stunning website.

Step Two: Make sure that the website converts more browsers into buyers.

Most companies stop at step one. Step Two is where ‘more direct bookings’ comes in…

Our Approach…

Most hotel websites convert at about 1%. That is to say that 1 in every 100 visitors goes onto book, on average.

At the risk of stating the obvious; that means 99 people chose not to book with you. Sure many of them will be tyre-kickers but a good 60-70 of those 99 were probably actively looking to see if your hotel was the right one for them.

Enter Conversion Rate Optimisation – the process of making sure more of those genuinly interested browsers aren’t put off and are gently coerced to book.

We do this with websites we build ourselves, or more commonly, with websites we didn’t build but tweak to maximise conversion.

Why Use Direct Hotel Marketing for your Website or Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)…


  • A big reason for the whopping great Google award was not only our ability to drive relevent PPC traffic, but improve conversion substantially.
  • We only work with hotels, so know what works and what doesn’t. Hotel stays are often a considered purchase for the customer (especially if it’s for a big anniversary) and we understand how to encourage them book.
  • We split-test everything. If we’re not sure which image would help convert more traffic on the homepage, we’ll try both simultaneously and see what converts better.
  • We GUARANTEE an increase in conversion – we’ve not had a website that we couldn’t improve yet!